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Horizon Insights, founded in April 2015, is a Chinese institutional research firm providing investment research services to both global and Chinese institutions. We are a leading independent firm in China and work with clients to track China’s economy on a real-time basis, corroborate developments on the ground, and also to formulate, implement and monitor China-related investment theses and strategies. Our research is driven by:

  • Macroeconomic and commodity analysis
  • Equity research by industry (tech, consumer, health care and new energy)
  • On The Ground’ research and company surveys

Within China, we primarily serve the country’s asset management firms including Mutual Funds, Hedge Funds, Private Equity, and other institutional investors. Our domestic clients account for over 90% of assets under management in the Chinese fund industry. We are the largest independent research provider covering China A-Share market and China-related commodities market. Outside China, we actively provided research services to global buy-side institutions since 2016. We have a research sales teams in the U.S. and Singapore that are quickly expanding to service the needs of our growing client base, and currently work with some of the largest asset managers, such as MatthewsAsia and Blackrock.

Ye (Stephie) Yu

Director of Global Business

Horizon Insights (US)

708 Main Street, 6FL
Houston, 77002, USA

Horizon Insights (Shanghai)

12 F Suite 1206
210 Century Avenue, Shanghai, 200120, China

Horizon Insights (Singapore)

28 Beach Road, #25-03, Singapore 189762